3D planning and template-guided implant insertion in the partially edentulous jaw
by Kirsch, Axel / Ackermann, Karl-Ludwig / Neuendorff, Gerhard

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Classification: Treatment, Surgical, General incison techniques, General suturing techniques, General surgical complications, Prosthetic treatment, Fixed, Implant-supported reconstruction, FDPs, Tools/Materials, Implant systems, Abutment types, Surgical instruments, Implant, Drilling kits, General, Blades, Sutures, CAD/CAM systems, Reconstructive materials, Ceramics, Impression/registration materials, Implant placement, General aspects, Non-esthetic zone, Implant planning, Implant selection, Guided surgery, Surgical templates, Incision techniques, Flap elevation, Implant insertion, Immediate implant placement, Suturing, Healing mode, Non-submerged, Soft tissue management around implants, Loading protocols, Drilling process, Indications, Provisionalisation, Soft tissue conditioning/emergence profile, Impression/Bite registration, Lab-side fabrication/Design, Material choice, Color evaluation/Try-in, Screw retention/Cementation, Complication handling, After-care/Long-term success
Contents: - Planning and preparing a transfer stent - Introduction to on-screen 3D planning - CAD-designed transfer stent - Integrating the CAMLOG® Guide guiding sleeves - Fabricating a therapeutic restoration - Positioning the lab analogs on the master cast using the transfer stent - Titanium bridge frameworks for the temporary restoration - Surgical procedures: implant placement with the transfer template - Hydrocolloid impression taking and bite registration - Temporary insertion of the therapeutic provisional, demonstrating of a passive fit - Definitive CAMLOG abutments - Scanning the abutments, designing the crowns on-screen, machine driven milling of the zirconia crowns, veneering - Preparation for the delivery of the definitive restoration - Connecting the abutments, checking the torque, cementing the crowns, functional checks - Evaluating the completed restoration and assessing the teamwork of the dentist and dental technician
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