A systematic review of implant supported maxillary overdentures after a mean observation period of at least 1 year
by Slot W, Raghoebar GM, Vissink A, Huddleston Slater JJ, Meijer HJA

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Abstract Aim: The aim of the present systematic review of implant-supported maxillary overdentures was to assess the survival of implants, survival of maxillary overdentures and the condition of surrounding hard and soft tissues after a mean observation period of at least 1 year. Material and methods: MEDLINE (1950–August 2009), EMBASE (1966–August 2009) and CENTRAL (1800–August 2009) were searched to identify eligible studies. Two reviewers independently assessed the articles. Results: Out of 147 primarily selected articles, 31 studies fulfilled the inclusion criteria. A meta-analysis showed an implant survival rate (SR) of 98.2% per year in case of six implants and a bar anchorage. In case of four implants and a bar anchorage, the implant SR was 96.3% per person. In case of four implants and a ball anchorage, the implant SR was 95.2% per year. Conclusion: In all three treatment options, the SR of the implants is more than 95%. The studies included reveal that a maxillary overdenture supported by six dental implants, which are connected with a bar, is the most successful treatment regarding survival of both the implants and overdenture. Second in line is the treatment option with four implants and a bar. The treatment option with four or less implants and a ball attachment system is the least successful.
Journal of Clinical Periodontology
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Journal of Clinical Periodontology