After periodontal therapy an anterior implant supported crown was planed
by Prof. Niklaus Lang and J. Tam

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Classification: General Diagnostics, Patient interview, Patient requirements/chief complaint, Medical history, General health, Dental history, Clinical examination, Extraoral, Esthetic analysis, Intraoral, Dental examination, Periodontal examination, Endodontic examination, Functional analysis, Esthetic analysis, Radiographic examination, Panoramic radiograph, Periapical radiographs, Treatment, Initial hygiene phase, Oral hygiene concepts, Hygienic tools/aids, Periodontal therapy, General aspects, Non/surgical treatment, Patient motivation/Oral hygiene, Mechanical debridement, Surgical treatment, Regenerative, Prosthetic treatment, General aspects, Digital workflow, Dental laboratory aspects, Temporaries, Fixed, Implant-supported reconstruction, Crowns, Indications, Soft tissue conditioning/emergence profile, Lab-side fabrication/design, Screw retention/Cementation, Tools/Materials, Implant systems, Brands, Abutment types, Prosthetic abutments, Abutment selection, Surgical instruments, Implant, Regenerative materials, Brands, Barriers, Resorbable, Extraction , Soft Tissue Regeneration, General aspects, Gingival augmentation, Surgical techniques, CTG, Implant placement, General aspects, Esthetic risk assessment, Smile line, Soft tissue quality/quantity, Esthetic zone, Implant planning, Implant selection, Guided surgery, Healing mode, Abutment connection/reentry
Female patient *1958, by J. Tam and N. P. Lang (2009-2012). Periodontitis case with mobile and elongated anterior tooth, which was replaced by a single implant crown.
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