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The 13 participants of the intensive course came from 10 countries from all-over the world to gain deeper insights into histology in oral bone regeneration. The Expert Module of the Osteology Research Academy comprises 13 hours of practical (in the laboratory) and 7 hours of theoretical advanced training on the following topics: Pre-clinical and clinical studies in bone regeneration MicroCT, histomorphometry and digital image analysis Bone anatomy, histology, physiology and bone pathophysiology Hard tissue sample preparation Data presentation: from the raw picture to the figure Asked about their experiences during the course the participants gave the following feedback: The professionalism and enthusiasm of all people involved, and the course have been an excellent steppingstone for someone like me who has been out of the research field since my postgraduate studies. Steven Soukoulis, Australia An inspiring course with great content that will be applicable for my future research. Monica Misawa, Brazil In very much enjoyed the workshops, tips and tricks for future projects and the 1:1 discussion with the experts. Dominic Ho, Hong Kong The next Expert Module will take place 7-9. November 2016 in Vienna. Further information For the third time the Osteology Foundation has organised the Osteology Research Academy Expert Module in Kiel. The course on Hard Tissue Research was held in collaboration with the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Kiel.
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