Cell-to-Cell Communication - Inflammatory Reactions
by Stadlinger, Bernd / Terheyden, Hendrik
Classification: Basic/General Knowledge, Anatomy, Periodontal tissues, Gingiva, Periodontal ligament, Alveolar bone, Blood supply, Physiology, Wound healing, Bone, Soft tissue
Visualizing the invisible while experiencing a fascination with science is the great challenge that Cell-to-Cell Communication, representing an all-new genre, has set out to meet. A spectacularly sophisticated computer animation in HD quality depicts the highly complex processes of intercellular interaction during an inflammatory periodontal reaction complete with the messenger molecules implicated. The various cell types constitute the main cast of the film, using a finely tuned communication process in their quest to destroy the bacterial invaders, with messenger molecules as supporting cast. A stunning didactic and dramatic experience! Outline: - Biofilm - Gingivitis and the Innate Immune Defense - Periodontitis and the Adaptive Immune Defense - Cleaning and Regeneration
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