Covering a Recession with a Soft Tissue Transplant
by Heinz, Bernd / Jepsen, Sören
Classification: General Diagnostics, Clinical examination, Intraoral, Periodontal examination, Treatment, Periodontal therapy, Surgical treatment, Regenerative, Surgical, General incison techniques, General suturing techniques, General surgical complications, Intrasurgical, Postsurgical, Postoperative care, Tools/Materials, Surgical instruments, General, Blades, Sutures, Soft Tissue Regeneration, General aspects, Soft tissue defect types, Grafting materials, Gingival augmentation, Indications/Contraindications, Surgical techniques, CTG, Reccesion coverage, Indications/Contraindications, Surgical techniques, Healing time, healing patterns, Complication handling, Success/survival rate, Esthetic risk assessment
Objectives: Use of a soft tissue graft for recession coverage at tooth 23 and for gingival augmentation. Content: 1. Incision around tooth 23, intra-sulcular preparation, mobilization of coronal sliding flap, and pre-flap preparation. 2. Root smoothing, reduction of ground cavity with diamond burs from Perioset system. 3. Preparation and harvesting of connective tissue flap from palate, Emdogain application, and wound closure. 4. Placement of interrupted interdental sutures for fixation of connective tissue flap.
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