Implant Bone Dentures with Bone Augmentation and Soft Tissue Transplantation for Papillary Regeneration (Clinic and Laboratory)
by Körner, Gerd / Müterthies, Klaus

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Classification: Treatment, Surgical, General incison techniques, General suturing techniques, Prosthetic treatment, Fixed, Implant-supported reconstruction, Crowns, Material selection, Tools/Materials, Implant systems, Surgical instruments, Reconstructive materials, Ceramics, Hard Tissue Regeneration, General aspects, Guided bone regeneration (GBR), Grafting materials, Autogenic, Soft Tissue Regeneration, General aspects, Grafting materials, Gingival augmentation, Surgical techniques, CTG, Implant placement, General aspects, Esthetic risk assessment, Esthetic zone, Implant planning, Implant selection
Drill guide preparation with the aid of a temporary; Bone augmentation using a bone block graft; Implant insertion; Augmentation of gingival margin with a soft tissue graft from the roof of the mouth; Preparation of tooth replacements according to esthetic criteria, in some cases, as all-ceramic crowns.
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