Implant-supported removable restorations in the edentulous jaw
by Wolfart, Stefan / Weber, Volker

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Classification: General Diagnostics, Patient interview, Clinical examination, Initial impressions/registration, Facebow, Treatment, Prosthetic treatment, Removable, Implant-supported, Overdentures, Impression/Bite registration, Retentive elements, Bar, After-care/Long-term success, Tools/Materials, Implant systems, Abutment types, Prosthetic abutments, Metal abutments, Soft Tissue Regeneration, Gingival augmentation, Surgical techniques, FGG, Implant placement, Non-esthetic zone, Implant planning, Surgical templates, Implant insertion, Suturing, Abutment connection/reentry, Drilling process, Provisionalisation
Contents: - Patient presentation, impression, comprehensive jaw relation records - Wax-up, Fabrication of the provisional restoration - Fabrication of a DVT based planning and drilling template - Surgical procedures for inserting four implants in the mandible - Suturing and relining of the existing denture as a provisional restoration - After 12 weeks: Reentry and insertion of healing abutments - Harvesting a free gingiva graft to extend the attached gingiva - Verifying implant stability using Periotest - Reworking the existing denture to fit on the healing abutments - Impressioning with custom tray (pick-up technique) - Demonstrating the line finder to transfer face axis - Fabricating the three restorations with Locator® attachments, electroplated double crown, precision-milled bar - The matrix and retention parts of the Locator® system, transferring the Locator® abutments to the implants - Fabricating the electroplated copings, intraoral adhesively connecting the electroplated copings to the cast framework (passive fit), finishing and delivery - Removable restoration on a custom-milled bar, clinical and laboratory workflow, delivery - Maintaining implant-supported restorations
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