Innovative CAD/CAM treatment approaches for implant-supported fixed restorations
by Beuer, Florian / Stimmelmayr, Michael / Schweiger, Josef

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Classification: General Diagnostics, Patient interview, Treatment, Prosthetic treatment, Fixed, Implant-supported reconstruction, Crowns, Provisionalisation, Impression/Bite registration, Lab-side fabrication/design, Screw retention/Cementation, Tools/Materials, Implant systems, Abutment types, Prosthetic abutments, Ceramic abutments, CAD/CAM systems, Reconstructive materials, Ceramics, Soft Tissue Regeneration, Gingival augmentation, Surgical techniques, Implant placement, Non-esthetic zone, Implant planning, Incision techniques, Implant insertion, Suturing, Abutment connection/reentry, Drilling process
Contents: - Patient presentation - Preparing the implant bed, implant placement, checking implant positions - Securing the insertion posts to the index for fabrication of the cast - Suturing details - Delivery of the adapted long-term provisional - Fabricating the cast and the gingival mask, transferring the pontic emergence profiles to the gingival mask, mask adaptation - The master cast under the strip scanner with scan bodies on the laboratory analogs - CAD crown design and virtual anatomic shaping - CAM fabrication of a zirconia abutment - Adhesively connecting the zirconia abutment to the titanium base - Reentry, split-thickness flap, vestibuloplasty, connecting the zirconia abutments to the implants - Mucosal graft to restore a soft-tissue defect - Intraoral impression of the abutments - Fabricating the definitive lithium disilicate crowns: virtual crown design; CAM milling, characterization of the crowns - Delivery, final adjustments, presentation of the treatment outcome
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