Single Tooth Replacementwith Implants in the Esthetic Region
by Yüksel, Orcan

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Classification: Treatment, Hard Tissue Regeneration, General aspects, Guided bone regeneration (GBR), Barriers, Grafting materials, Xenogenic, Implant placement, Esthetic zone, Incision techniques, Flap elevation, Drilling process, Implant insertion, Abutment connection/reentry
Procedure: Delayed loading of dental implants in the esthetic zone of the maxilla. Guided bone regeneration (GBR) for compensatory augmentation with subsequent exposure after healing. Contents: Soft and hard tissue loss leads to esthetic problems, even in patients with successful implant osseointegration. Delayed loading of dental implants in the esthetic zone is frequently indicated in dental practice, for example, in patients with congenital absence of the lateral incisors. Dental implants can solve this problem. Depending on the extent of hard tissue loss, it may be necessary to perform guided bone regeneration (GBR) in order to achieve better esthetic results. Depending on the degree of atrophy, GBR may be performed before or simultaneous with implantation. Correct implant placement is essential to achieving the end goal: an esthetically pleasing and natural result. In this film and in the presentation, we will demonstrate in detail the procedure for placing implants in this esthetically sensitive region. In addition, we will demonstrate a method of impression-taking that provides dental laboratories a better foundation for achieving excellent esthetic results.
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