3D planning and template-guided implant insertion in the edentulous jaw
by Kirsch, Axel / Ackermann, Karl-Ludwig / Neuendorff, Gerhard

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Classification: Treatment, Prosthetic treatment, Removable, Implant-supported, Overdentures, Design/planning, Impression/Bite registration, Lab-side fabrication, Tools/Materials, Implant systems, Brands, Abutment types, Prosthetic abutments, CAD/CAM systems, Implant placement, Non-esthetic zone, Implant planning, Guided surgery, Surgical templates, Implant insertion, Drilling process, Provisionalisation
Outline: - Surgical procedures for anchoring a diagnostic guide - Inserting four provisional implants - Impression and bite registration, fabrication of the master cast - Tooth-setup for the temporary restoration - Registering the setup in a silicone index - Duplicating the setup in radiopaque resin for CT imaging - Implant planning using a 3D record of the CT image - Fabricating a transfer template based on the CAD treatment plan using the CAMLOG® Guide System - Inserting the guiding sleeves into the template - Fabricating the final restoration prior to inserting the implants - Vario SR abutments with Vario SR titanium copings for a passive fit - Fabricating a cast titanium framework to reinforce the restoration - Surgical procedures demonstrating the definitive implant insertion - Insertion of six implants for immediate loading - Providing a controlled-clearance fit between the implants and the denture base
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